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24th-Mar-2010 11:24 pm - OMG UNEXPECTED GRAIL
omg I always saw this in Gin's collection but I never thought I'd get my own!!
omg hes soooo sweet looking!! its the German Raichu plushie or Germanchu as Gin calls him, I won him on Ebay this morning and now I cant wait until he arrives! though Im disappointed I found the one with the open mouth because almost all my raichus have an open mouth, but who cares this is an awesome item I'll be getting soon!
3rd-Feb-2010 03:00 pm - New Sales Journal

Canceling my sales post. Everything is for sale here

ThunderSHOP Rules and Instructions:

1. Payment MUST be through PayPal in USD only. Buyer must pay shipping and Paypal fees.

2.  I can hold items for buyers for up to 24 hours, unless buyer changes his/her mind otherwise. If no response s made before the 24 hour limit is up prior to that item, it will go back up for sale.

3. When using paypal, your payment email mus contain:
the message in the payment email must say:
-your LJ username
-what you are buying 

if the payment email doesnt contain the above, the order cannot be processed.

All Sales are final


if you are trading, then the first part goes as followed. Once I've confirmed it's availability, send me a PM with the following:
-what your trading for
-what your trading me
-your mailing address

and once I've received that PM, I'll send you my mailing address.

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4th-Jul-2009 07:57 am - My Collections Website
I found a place to put not only ALL my Raichus, but most of my other stuff too!
Come visit my collection website

I made this website to show off my Raichus. Raichu has been my favorite Pokemon from the very beginning. However, I just started collecting Raichus only a few months ago. Or maybe less than a year ago.

I want my website to be interactive, too. If you click on my Links page, I have a section for other people who have their own collection website. But, the page is fairly empty. So if you have your own collection website, contact me, and I'll link you to my page!

Aslo, if you do visit my site, sign the guest book. Its always nice to hear from visitors to hear what they have to say =)

First of all, I finally completed my goal, and that was to get all 151 Pokemon from the first generation. Everything went smoothly. Though in my collection there are some unofficial TOMYs, there are no fake sin my collection. In a trade, im getting a Tomy Flareon and Dratini, the two in the pic are not official tomys, they are keychains, the Flareon is an special edition Tomy keychain (japanese release). I keep it as a Tomy because it is one of the oldest Pokemon figures I own. I had removed the keychain part probably when i first got it when I was a kid to keep it as a figure, several years later when getting some Tomy figures, I had forgotten that it was a keychain and not a figure so when i saw my friend's tomy flareon i wondered why it was sitting instead of standing XDD. Also Nidorina is a keychain to. Im kinda broke right now, otherwise I would get a Nidorina Tomy. Unless someone has one to trade. So heres my photo.

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16th-Jun-2009 07:31 pm - Feedback Thread
This is going to Be my Feedback thread for my recent trade/sales, Since Im new to making sales and trades on LiveJournal, I'm putting this up so users here can post how they feel about their trades and sales with me. So if you have traded or bought/sold something with me, please leave a comment with how you honestly felt about the about the experience. Thank You :)
  • +Positive= 19
  • *Neutral= 1
  • -Negative= 0

*In the comments, for the subject please specify what the sale/trade was
*I also willing to give feedback for my end of the sale/trade so if you have a feedback thread, let me know where to go and I'd be happy to leave you feedback!

Other Feedback:
Ebay Feedback Page
ThunderSHOP Feedback Page

Thank you ^^;
15th-Jun-2009 07:35 pm - Its Time For Them to GO!
I created my own webstore using ECRATER and Im using it to get rid of all my extra Pokemon figures, plus I put up a bunch of other random stuff too, heres the web page:

Since my figures are being sold indivisually, I ut them up very cheap, lot of them are in good shape, and at the same time, a lot are very loved.
So there you have it, my very first webstore :)
If you know anyone interested in Pokemon figures, just send them here!

26th-May-2009 08:55 am - NEW TOYS!
The moment I've been waiting for!!
I've gotten many things from Yahoo Japan from a few months ago, and now They have arrived!
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21st-May-2009 10:18 am - Its a Raichu plush Party!!
My collecton welcomes its newest raichu plushies!!
Raichus this way!Collapse )

MY Collection Now Welcomes the New SOFT RAICHU PLUSHIE! YAY!

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